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  • Do you sell gift vouchers?
    We do sell gift vouchers, in any amount, that can be used for books, gifts, accessories or anything else in the store. Pop in to see us so we can organise it for you, or contact us if you would like one but can't make it into the store. We can also post gift vouchers out to the lucky recipient.
  • Do you have EFTPOS?
    Yes we accept EFTPOS, and we have no minimum spend.
  • Can I give you my old books?
    We gratefully accept donations of books that are looking for a new home, which you can bring in and drop off any time we're open. If you have a particularly large amount of books to donate (say, more than 5 boxes) then please get in touch to ensure we have the space for them at the store - we may need to arrange a time for us to take them home on the same day. There is also a loading zone just outside the store that you can use if it is available. You can come and tell us that you have books to gift and we can carry them up to the store for you if we aren't busy. Not all books may make it to our shelves. Anything that doesn't fit will be donated on to assorted local op shops. Please note that don't usually buy books.
  • Do you buy books?
    We usually don't buy books - we are full to the brim and often have people gifting us beautiful books on top of that. That being said, we do buy some titles, usually for a dollar or two each. Things like: - Very popular fantasy and Sci-Fi - Terry Pratchett, J K Rowling, Douglas Adams etc. - Classic literature in great condition - Kids classics, especially hardcover - Enid Blyton, Wizard- Pirate- Egypt-ology, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, etc. - Particularly strange things - vintage anatomy books, The Satanic Bible, pop-up editions of the royal wedding - you get the drift If you have something you think we would be interested in, then please do get in touch, ideally with photos of what you're hoping to sell.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes, there is street parking on Burwood Highway and a few car parks in Belgrave that are a short walk from the store. Please do take note of the signs when you're parking, as most of it is time-limited. If you are bringing in a gift of books, then there is a loading zone right outside the store that you can use if it's available. You are welcome to let us know that you have books to give, and we can carry them up for you if the store isn't busy.
  • Can I use your space for a photo shoot, video, or event?"
    We would absolutely love that. If you want to take photos or video while we're open, we just ask that you let us know and be respectful of the characters in the store. We would also love to share what you capture afterwards, if you're happy to share. If you want access to the store after hours, then we may need to charge a small fee to cover staffing costs and/or cleaning afterwards. Please get in touch with us to discuss. If you want to host a private or public event, then let's have a chat to discuss costs, insurance and logistics. So far we have hosted birthday parties, social gatherings, poetry readings and children's events, but we're open to anything great that can squeeze in here!
  • Are you looking for staff?
    We're not looking for staff at the moment, but if you're interested in getting on our radar, you are welcome to come and have a chat to Sam or Jess. We're usually in store on the weekends. Or you can leave your resume here on any day, and we will keep you in mind when something comes up.
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